About Me

I grew up on a healthy diet of the Crocodile Hunter and, later on, Austin Stevens. It’s no surprise that I ended up working with wild and exotic animals. I am an experienced Veterinary and Animal Care Assistant with a passion for reptiles, birds of prey, zoo animals and exotics from all over the world. I am a graduate of Sheridan College’s Animal Care program with a Certificate in Animal Care and have completed the OWREN (Ontario Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Network) Basic Skills Course and Beyond Basics Rabies Vector Species Course, among others.

Currently, I work at a specialty exotic animal clinic in Toronto as a Veterinary Assistant. I care for exotic animals, pocket pets, and wildlife. I have have personally worked with over two hundred different species to date. I’ve worked in zoo and shelter environments — with wild animals and also with our beloved and homey dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes. 

When I’m not working with animals, I’m taming my love of tech. Hardware, software — whatever is new in the world of computers, phones, tablets, smarthome devices and so on — basically all technology and networks. My personal time is spent learning, repairing and finessing processes we use for daily life. It’s a fast-paced and changing world, and there is always more to learn. On my off time, I take courses and enjoy meeting new people in the animal and tech fields. 

Feel free to drop me a line if I can help you or if you’ve got something creative to share. 

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